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Collective venture investments

DotBig Venture Investment Club was created for private and corporate investors. Join us to invest in potentially successful startups and IPO.

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Collective venture investments

What is venture investment?

Venture investments are investments in promising young companies. The word "venture" is translated as "risky trade".

Investing in IT startups at the early stages of their development always carries the risk of losing money. But if the young company succeeds in the market, the investor will increase their initial contributions hundreds or even thousands of times.

Many national and foreign companies have developed with the participation of venture capital funds. Notable successful startups include Ozon, Snapchat, Jelastic, LinguaLeo.

Venture projects can be social networks, consumer services, games, etc. To minimize risks, it is worth investing in several startups: in this case, one successful investment can pay off unsuccessful deals.

It’s always interesting to watch how small startups grow and develop into international corporations with millions of revenue. It becomes even more interesting if you hold a share in this company and take real benefits from the profits of this business! How can you become an investor? DotBig knows the answer! Just join the DotBig Investments club.

The DotBig investment club is a community of private and corporate investors who make venture capital investments in developing projects and startups. We are glad to welcome people who are looking for stability in venture investments, share our values, and are ready to share their experiences with other members of the club.

Before you join it, however, learn more about how you can put your money into different projects and participate in IPOs with DotBig.

Basics of venture investments

A venture capital investment is an investment made into a growing project that seems to have promising prospects. The investments are called “ventures” because they are risky. Always keep in mind that you put your real money and risk and you can never be 100% sure that the project will thrive.

With the DotBig venture investment club, you can explore mainly investments in IT startups. This is the most fast-growing sector. If you choose a good company to invest in, you will get massive returns, which might be even thousands of times higher than your initial investment. However, success is never guaranteed.

A lot of big international corporations have grown thanks to venture capital investment funds. They helped such companies as Ozon, Snapchat, Jelastic, LinguaLeo, and others to develop at the beginning stages and eventually become successful companies.

With DotBig, investors can choose different venture projects, including social networks, games, e-commerce services, and many more. Our analysts recommend you mitigate the risk by making your portfolio diversified with a few projects. This way, if one startup fails, you might preserve the capital invested in it by taking returns from another one.

Collective investments in startups and young tech companies

Our investment syndicate created by DotBig is a community of committed investors who are ready to share their tips and experiences. You can become one of them and share your valuable experience. The club is closed and those who are accepted can monitor special news to find the most promising deals. The analysis tools help to choose the best options from the diversity of available offerings.

The DotBig Venture Investment club unites investors with a good reputation that won’t be acting as government officials. These are businesses and businessmen who aim to work in comfortable conditions. We are ready to provide these conditions to make investing in startups more profitable and attractive!

How do I become a new investor with DotBig?

How to join the DotBig Venture Capital Investment club? Here is a short and simple instruction on how to become a real tech investor.

  1. Create an account on our website. To do this, you will need to type fill in all the lines of our registration form, and create a reliable password.

  2. DotBig verifies every user who aims to join our community. We will ask you to provide ID documents from which we can see the country of your residence and your age at the moment of registration.

  3. After the registration and verification are complete, you can make a minimum deposit of $250 to activate your personal account.

  4. Welcome to the club of DotBig investments!

That’s all you need to do to join us. Want to learn what benefits and downsides this entrance can bring to you? Here they come!


  • When you work with venture capital investments, you don’t deal with retail investors, who can manipulate the valuation of the project.

  • Young startups focus on long-term strategies and might deliver quite pleasant quarterly performance.

  • If the startup succeeds, there is a chance to exit the project and get huge returns.

  • Unlike in publicly traded companies, in startups, investors have more possibilities to impact the further development of the company.

  • There are some tax benefits but they depend on the registration of a startup.


  • Venture investments are extremely risky.

  • Venture investments aren’t liquid.

  • It’s difficult to stay tuned to the fast-developing tech industry.

Your access to world markets – DotBig

DotBig investments in venture companies are your chance to benefit from the fast development of a young startup. Besides, with our club, you will work with professional analysts and advanced investors who are also looking to benefit from collective investments in our club.

Venture investments, however, aren’t the only option to make profits with DotBig. DotBig is a forex broker that gives you access to the whole range of financial markets, where you can trade different assets, including stocks, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices, and commodities. Explore direct investments and more money-making opportunities with DotBig!

Коллективные инвестиции

Collective investments in startups and young tech companies

By joining an investment syndicate, you will have the opportunity to share your experience with other investors. Members of the closed club have access to news, potentially profitable deals, as well as investment efficiency analysis tools.

In the DotBig Venture Capital Club, all members have an impeccable business reputation and are not acting government officials. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for people who understand the value of investing in startup projects and want to develop in this direction.

Venture investments

We are always glad to new investors who share our values


The combined expertise of the venture club members is the key to successful investments in startups and developing technology companies.



We have created a marketplace for experienced syndicator investors, cooperation with which will help reduce investment risks.



Continuous and comprehensive market analysis allows us to develop steadily and increase the capital of the DotBig club members.


Possibility of communication

Our club has gathered people open to communication with whom you can discuss investment plans and share experience.


Direct investments in growing projects with DotBig

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